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MoneyTag provides a remittance abroad service for unbanked people.
Many people still don’t use banks.
(Source : The Global Findex Database 2014 Measuring Financial Inclusion around the World)
MoneyTag’s remittance abroad service is safety. (No illegal, funds for terrorism)

Finger Inc., MoneyTag’s parent company, has provided various financial services to Korean banks for 15 years.  
With experience building services at the Korean banks, MoneyTag will comply with security which is at the same level as 
Korean banks.

Also, MoneyTag uses Unitas’ GRC Lab solution to maintain financial risk and Risk & Compliance for AML and Prohibit public 
funding threats.  MoneyTag observes R&C at the global bank level.

Experience MoneyTag’s cheap, fast and secure remittance abroad service.
Coming in Mar, 2016!